be intentional

Do you know your next move?

Your business only grows to the extent that you do. That’s why we start with you and extend to your company.

Whether you need to transform your existing business, evolve your team, or get clear on your next move—we help you understand what’s important and map a plan for how to get there.

Reach out. We’re here to help you figure out what’s next.

Your Company's Growth begins with You.

“Place a demand on yourself for better”

[ Author Unknown ]

About PurposeBuilt

PurposeBuilt Founder Marina SuholutskyMarina, PurposeBuilt Founder, spent over a decade in corporate America managing 30+ person teams & over $200M in software for IBM. She left corporate to follow her Purpose—which is to help people be intentional with their impact by living inspired lives.

Purpose is already inside You

It’s your spark.
Your area of genius.
It’s what you spend your time on when no one is looking.

Purpose drives direction.
It’s how you prioritize, and why you differentiate.
We work together to find it, and light it up.

85% of study participants... were more likely to recommend a company with strong Purpose to others. 1
58% experienced growth... by prioritizing Purpose work inside their organization 1
10% growth... ...cited by leaders who prioritized Purpose work over a 3-year period 2

Blindspots are simple stories running in the background of your mind and organization.

We find these stories and re-wire them.

They can be embedded in company culture, e.g., “This place is too bureaucratic to get anything done” or in your own belief systems, e.g., “I’m not a natural leader,” or “I simply don’t know how to communicate effectively.”

Shifting perceptions helps you and your team establish common understanding, deepen trust, and embed strategic decision-making within the organization.

You already operate at 90%

See the full 360 degrees of your situation

And skyrocket to 100%

Together, we define

– Values & Purpose.
– Blindspots & Perceptual Balancing.
– Impact Model & Ecosystem.

– Brand Platform.
– Team Structure & Operating Model.
– Agile Practices and Pivots.

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The Company You Keep.

Clients include executives from:

Client Success

Max J. Clifford
Financial Advisor

Max had all the signs of success as a self employed financial advisor, but he just felt “that something was missing”.  Since working with PurposeBuilt, Max has gotten to the core of his true values and motivation.  This has manifested itself in the most successful year that he’s experienced in his business.



  1. The Business Case for Purpose — A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and EY, 2015.