Find Your Purpose

Learn how to make better, faster and more aligned decisions.  

Values are the building blocks of our decision-making. Whether we are conscious to them or not, Values influence how we spend our time, our money and our mental energy. This work is a deep dive into what really matters to you, versus what ‘should’ matter based on society or family standards.

When you understand what your Values are and something is disproportionately affecting you, you decrease your time in distress, dysfunction and procrastination. You  move from a reactionary space to the ability to react with less anger and more presence. 

You become instantly more effective and your self worth skyrockets.

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about marina

Marina spent over a decade in corporate America, managing 30+ person teams and over $200 million in software for IBM. She left corporate to follow her Purpose — which is to help people live authentic, inspired lives.

She now works with entrepreneurs and executives to find their true calling and bring their vision to life.


PurposeFullHuman: Intrinsic Drivers Deep Dive


Over the course of 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive the following:

  • 1:1 Guided Workshop to determine your individual Intrinsic Drivers 
  • Proprietary PurposeFull Human branded notebook and workshop guide
  • I.D.’s Vocabulary & Finalization session
  • Blockers Identification Session—what’s standing in the way of you living in your I.D.’s? 
  • One re-alignment session where you unblock what’s standing in the way and learn to to truly live inside your unique Intrisinc Drivers Set