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For Individuals

Purpose – Blindspots =

Two ways of working with us:

Founder’s Intensive

Deep dive on what’s important to you, what’s standing in the way, and what you want to create.

The Reset:
Group Program

Same as the Founder’s Intensive, minus the deep focus on limiting behaviors. Instead, we spend more time fully developing your go-forward strategy.


1. What’s Important
to You?

A 360° look at your Values, including an understanding of why we make the decisions we do. Includes exploration into all areas of your life to extract the Purpose that’s already inside you.

  • Values Determination
  • Values Language Set
  • Purpose Definition Workshop

2. What’s Standing in the Way?

Determining patterns and using behavioral strategies to re-write  limiting behaviors and introduce new potentials, including:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Organizational Behavior Techniques
  • DeMartini Method
  • Etc.

3. What Do You Want
to Do Next?

From a place of newfound clarity, we put together a go-forward plan and next steps. Depending on the individual business need, this can look like:

  • Decision Trees
  • Audience Definition
  • Market Opportunity
  • Operating Model
  • Product/Service Development
  • Brand Platform
  • Messaging
  • Organizational Plan
  • Transition Plan
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For Your Company


Purpose – Blindspots =

Two ways of working with us:

Culture Deep Dive

[12-Week Transformation]

Unpack company culture and team members’ top values. Eliminate behavioral pitfalls within the organization. Map individual goals to company Vision. Determine Positioning, Product Market Fit and Operating Model. Introduce Agile Practices.

Radical Transformation

[3-Week Intensive]

Same process, lightning speed; clear your biggest business blindspot and map implications to culture, behaviors and strategy. Introduce new practices to support exponential growth.


1. Purpose

360° look at company strategy, structure and culture, including 1:1 Values Identification sessions with key team members. Customer interviews, competitive analysis, culture/team input on company Vision, Mission and Purpose.

2. Behavior Change

Individual and group sessions to deep dive into top 1-3 existing patterns at the organizational level, including use of StrengthsFinders Assessments, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and the DeMartini Values Method.

3. Team Alignment

From a place of shared Purpose, create or evolve company Values, Vision, Mission. Define internal behaviors and spend time with each part of the organization on actual implementation. We don’t leave until the organization aligns on and embodies these new practices.

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Why Tackle Blind Spots

Working through blindspots is like doing a SWOT analysis on the deepest layers of your organization.

Blind spots are hand-me-downs: they are learned patterns of thought that limit our productivity.

There are other stories: those aligned with our values, that inspire every part of us and our organization to work towards a shared purpose.

These are the stories of potential.

We work together to swap one set of stories out for another, infusing the new ones through every part of your company’s DNA. We re-pattern to the stories that drive measurable impact.

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