Remove blocks.
Go deeper.
Learn to Thrive.

April 27-30, UTAH (Final location TBD)


Invite-only retreat for entrepreneurs, executives and self-starters ready to explore their next uplevel.


Daily Details


Each day will include various activities such as yoga, meditation, breath work, time for reflection, optional massages as well as chef prepared meals and dining experiences.


  • 2pm – 5pm – Arrival
  • What does it mean to THRIVE? Finding your strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Chef prepared dinner designed to help you thrive.


  • Surviving to Thriving:  Go deep with our trained psychotherapist and behavior change specialists to uncover hidden beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Making Peace with Food:  If you have ever wondered why you sometimes self sabotage or don’t trust yourself with food, this is the safe space for the deeper self discovery. Work with our team to better understand why you do what you do. That way, on Saturday, we will retrain the mind and body to develop a beautiful relationship to your food and body.


  • Coming Alive: Now that you have eliminated the beliefs and subconscious drivers keeping you stuck, it’s time to prime your mind and body with a new set of beliefs and an identity that will propel you into your potential.
  • Tapping Into Your Power Through Your Health: Now that you have identified what has kept you stuck with your health, we create food and dining experiences to re-pattern a new relationship to your food and body.
  • A Journey Within – Experiencing the New You: In this experience we explore self expansion and infinite possibility.


  • Integration – Making it Stick: This may be the most important part. This weekend is not about mental learning, it’s about inner shifts that can last a lifetime. This day is for integrating the shifts that have happened so you can step into the world more powerful and embodied.

Your Facilitators

Your Team

Gina WorfulGina Worful, Mastering Mindfulness
Gina is a registered dietitian and a master of human nutrition. Gina founded the Mastering Mindfulness Institute, which aims to teach people how to achieve optimal health through mindfulness-based practices.  Her innovative and holistic approach has helped countless people achieve their health goals and live more fulfilling lives.


PurposeBuilt Founder Marina SuholutskyMarina Suholutsky, PurposeBuilt
Marina spent over a decade in corporate America managing 30+ person teams & over $200M in software for IBM. Her career gave her a deep understanding of the ties between individual and business growth. She is a deep personal development expert, having trained with Dr. John DeMartini in his Values & Collapse processes. She left corporate to follow her Purpose—to help business people live aligned and inspired lives.


Will EtheridgeWill Etheridge, Relationships Re-imagined
As a relationship coach and speaker on human behavior, Will Etheridge is on a mission to empower people to break free from the mental prisons that keep them from realizing their true potential. Will is uniquely skilled at maximizing human potential and drawing out the genius within others.